Get ahead of issues affecting teams and individuals

Get ahead of issues affecting teams and individuals

People rarely like to admit that they’re struggling, so we developed Harkn to help you keep lookout for the early signs of decline or distress in your people.  And, by spotting problems sooner, we can help you to prevent your people from reaching a crisis point.

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Improve wellbeing outcomes

Improve wellbeing outcomes

From live insights about the overall wellbeing of your workforce to unique safeguarding algorithms that look for potential issues in individual members of your team, Harkn offers unparalleled capability when it comes to monitoring and supporting employee wellbeing.

Our anonymous daily check-in makes it easy for people to share how they’re feeling more honestly, and our community-building tools enable everyone to play their part in building a supportive and inclusive culture.

Early Warning Signs

Early Warning Signs

Harkn Lookout has been developed to spot early warning signs, allowing you to see the signs of people becoming overwhelmed before it becomes too late to act.

This allows you to step in where you’re needed most and take preventative action rather than waiting until a problem hits and then managing a full-blown crisis.

Clever algorithms track patterns that hint at distress or decline allowing you to see issues sooner and take action.

Wellbeing Centre

Wellbeing Centre

So much more than yoga and smoothies, the Harkn Wellbeing Centre provides a raft of tools to support wellbeing and HR professionals.

Real-time insights provide a birds-eye view of your workplace, highlighting those most at risk or showing signs of struggle thanks to precise wellbeing algorithms.

The raise my hand feature allows people to anonymously flag that they need help with something knowing they won’t be judged and that help is there for them. Sometimes just the offer of support from colleagues can be enough to remind us that we are not alone.


"Harkn offers an invaluable way to gauge how colleagues are feeling, and because I can see emerging well-being themes and patterns, it enables me to implement appropriate support. Psychological Safety is so important, and the anonymous nature of the Wall reinforces that we want our people to speak out."

Natalie Thompson Lead Wellbeing Manager, Schroders Personal Wealth

Wellbeing Overview

Beyond voice

Our wellbeing features take employee voice to a whole new level with tools that support the early identification of issues affecting individual employees - Wellbeing Centre, our wellbeing algorithms, Private Messaging, and ‘Raise My Hand’.


Many tools help you understand the general wellbeing of your teams but Harkn goes further highlighting those most at risk or showing signs of distress giving you early warning and a chance to act.


Harkn creates a sense of community around wellbeing within your workplace.  We can all be responsible for wellbeing and Harkn helps you bring that to life with your people.


Protecting anonymity and preserving dignity through anonymity provides the level of psychological safety that helps people to speak more freely and encourages people to speak up sooner.

Big picture

Live wellbeing data combined with longer-term trends helps you see the bigger picture when it comes to employee health and wellbeing, ensuring your workplace remains positive and healthy.