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About Us
Foster sensemaking so collaboration, creativity, and innovation can thrive.


Foster sensemaking so collaboration, creativity, and innovation can thrive.

Sensemaking is something we all do instinctively and individually, but it needs to be active and collective for your organisation to unlock the competitive advantage.

Harkn's conversation tools help employees at every level make sense of complexity together and move towards aligned action. 


"The only sustainable competitive advantage is to learn faster than your competitors."

Arie de Geus. 


"Harkn has helped me identify topics within the team that perhaps some team members aren't so happy about, which I can then address. It's also great to see the things that are going well and what the team feel happy and motivated about."

Charlotte Taylor Senior Manager, St. James's Place Wealth Management

Why sensemaking matters

Sensemaking always makes... well, good sense. Understanding the context of a situation better equips us to make the right decisions and proceed along the right path.

But sensemaking becomes critical to culture in times of change or complexity – which the modern workplace is experiencing more and more often.

Strengthen alignment

Collective sensemaking through constant communication increases shared understanding and aligned action towards organisational goals.

In large and distributed organisational structures, this is essential for cohesive efforts towards delivering on company goals.

Spark innovation

Organisational sensemaking expands the pool of information and ideas available to decision-makers.

In today's rapidly evolving landscape, providing the right conditions for innovation and creativity to flourish positions you ahead of the curve.

Encourage learning

When knowledge and information can easily be shared across every level of your organisation, it creates a culture of continuous learning.

Giving your people the resources they need for this leads to shorter learning curves and faster, better-informed decision-making.

Improve agility

Today's workplace is fast-paced and ever-changing, which requires a dynamic approach.

The ability to pivot your direction when necessary is far harder if you don't have your workforce on board. Stay ahead of changing markets, new technology, and restructures by giving everyone the context they need.

Better sensemaking with Harkn

Harkn doesn't just encourage collective sensemaking, it makes it both instinctive and widely accessible. By pairing data with live dialogue, Harkn closes the gap between the crucial processes of sensemaking, decision-making, and action-taking in your organisation.

The Wall

The Wall

Open dialogue on the Harkn Wall creates greater shared awareness of opportunities and challenges facing your organisation and encourages live sensemaking. 

Team Rooms

Team Rooms

Harkn's Team Rooms act as asynchronous, anonymous focus groups.

They offer a dedicated space for people from across your organisation to discuss a subject they all care about. This could be related to one specific project or an element of company culture. 

Team Rooms foster collaboration, in-depth sensemaking, and innovation. 


Data & Reporting

Data & Reporting

The Good Day Ratio gives everyone in your organisation a live metric of organisational health at a given moment. This helps to make sense of reaction to an isolated event, or trends over time. 

Beyond the GDR, Harkn's extensive reporting features allow individuals to track their own progress over time, and leaders to look for trends and patterns in data to inform their decisions. 


For further reading on the importance of sensemaking in organisational culture, and examples of how it can help you navigate complex situations, head over to our blog.