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About Us
Powerful analytics and in-depth reporting on the workplace experience


Powerful analytics and in-depth reporting on the workplace experience

More useful than snapshot viewpoints from one-off surveys, Harkn Insights’ sophisticated reporting tools allow you to delve deeper and gain a broader perspective of life at work.

Reporting Features

Reporting Features

Harkn collects valuable insights that are available through dashboards and reports. Almost everything that we collect is available to you so that you can analyse and learn from the powerful information that is gathered every day.

You can filter information to drill down to the most helpful level of data to best suit your needs and gain a greater understanding of factors influencing your teams including wellbeing, happiness and overall experience.

Comparison Tools

Comparison Tools

Our reporting features allow you to isolate populations (subject to some privacy constraints) for analysis and compare their experiences and data against other populations. 

These powerful tools mean you can understand more about your work environment as different people and groups in your company experience it. 

Real-time insights combined with long-term trend analysis tools mean you can continuously monitor the impact of change on your business and gain a deeper understanding of what affects your teams and their experience at work.

Events / Experiments

Events / Experiments

Isolate specific events and emergent change with our Events tracker to see precisely the impact of them on your people.  Add a control group if the event was limited to specific populations.

Similarly, test and learn with our experiments tracker, allowing you to monitor the impact, in terms of motivation and engagement, of any planned intervention on your chosen population.  

Monitor the changes over set periods of time and pinpoint the key moments as a result.


"I appreciate the opportunity to reflect and share those reflections with my peers in pursuit of the best possible work experience."

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Harkn Insights Summary


Harkn Insights includes all the Harkn Voice features plus sophisticated reporting tools that allow you to gain a deeper understanding of life in your business.


A wealth of information is available to you as almost everything collected is available through our dashboards and reports.


Compare feedback over time and discover similarities and variations between populations within your business, all in real-time.

Safe Space

Creating a safe space is critical. Nothing shared is ever used to identify you so everyone can speak freely knowing their voice will be heard without judgement.

Hot Topics

With our ‘hot topics’ feature, you can clearly understand the impact of changes on your team, isolating specific populations to better understand experiences within the workplace.


Export insights, reports and key findings to share with your managers and help develop a level of deeper understanding within your leadership team.