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Embedding wellbeing in workplace culture

Employee wellbeing poses a significant challenge for leaders, as we all know. 

The pressures of the modern workplace are only intensifying, and the impact on both individual and organisational health is staggering. 

Our eBook explores the primary factors driving the decline in workplace wellbeing and the human and financial costs of this crisis. 

We take you through five essential building blocks for embedding wellbeing in culture, so your organisation and its individuals can thrive. 


Embedding Wellbeing in Workplace Culture
What will I learn?
Included in the eBook

What will I learn?

  • How relationship-building creates trust and improves wellbeing across your organisation.
  • How to anticipate wellbeing issues before they emerge so you can take proactive action.
  • How to encourage people to speak up at work to increase visibility of wellbeing issues. 
  • How to leverage your existing champions network to give wellbeing initiatives greater impact
  • How to use data to identify signs of distress in individuals and emerging patterns across your workforce. 

And much, much more. 

Better wellbeing with Harkn
How we can help

Better wellbeing with Harkn

Harkn takes a proactive, data-driven approach to wellbeing, giving leaders real-time insights into morale in their organisation and helping them identify individuals who are showing signs of struggle.

Our unique capabilities revolutionise what organisations can achieve with employee wellbeing.

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“Harkn offers an invaluable way to gauge how colleagues are feeling, and because I can see emerging wellbeing themes and patterns, it enables me to implement appropriate support. Psychological safety is so important, and the anonymous nature of the Wall reinforces that we want our people to speak out.”

Natalie Thompson Lead Wellbeing Manager, Schroders Personal Wealth

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