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Reviving Trust

You know your employees are essential to the success of your business, yet disengagement continues to impact your bottom line. 

The root issue? Outdated engagement methods that feel transactional, rather than genuine, are eroding trust. 

The modern workplace has made it even harder for your team to openly share their thoughts and forge connections.

This eBook shows you how to leverage live employee feedback to rebuild trust and strengthen team bonds. 

It outlines a practical, data-driven approach to turning listening into your organisation's superpower, so you can overcome strategic challenges and cultivate a culture where trust and engagement drive success. 

Reviving Trust
Who needs this book?

Who needs this book?

You will find this eBook invaluable if your goals include: 

  • Transitioning to real-time employee insights and moving beyond the limitations of periodic surveys. 
  • Enhancing trust and engagement across your organisation. 
  • Creating an inclusive culture where every employee feels heard, valued, and empowered to contribute. 
  • Proactively supporting wellbeing and strengthening your employer brand. 

What's in the eBook

What real-time employee voice is and why it matters

What real-time employee voice is and why it matters

Learn how changing the way we listen to and engage with employees may hold the key to some of the biggest challenges facing organisations.

5 key opportunities from real time employee voice

5 key opportunities from real time employee voice

Learn how real-time employee voice can provide the strong foundation that scales innovation, operational efficiency, and trust.

5 mindset shifts to maximise the value of employee voice

5 mindset shifts to maximise the value of employee voice

Learn what to do and how to go about it with key actions and insights from other companies already on the journey.

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Deliver on the hard stuff

Deliver on the hard stuff

We know how important it is for you to authentically deliver on inclusion, engagement, connection, belonging, and wellbeing.

We also understand how hard it is.

But it's why we exist, and we can help. Find out more about what Harkn offers.

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“When we focused on listening more to our employees, one of the most important things we had to learn was not to be reactive... this has helped us empower employees to take ownership of solving issues themselves and become a part of changing our culture.”

Jim Cleaver Technology and Information Director, St. James's Place Wealth Management

Are you trying to be a workplace where everyone feels connected, valued, and engaged?

Then Harkn could be for you. It's a platform that makes it safe and easy for your people to share their feedback, opinions, and ideas and helps you build the relationships and trust your company needs to succeed.