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Human Resources

Human Resources

Guiding HR strategy and shaping culture with continuous employee insights.


Employees are the lifeblood of any organisation, and human resources enable them to thrive. 

Balancing the needs of the business with those of employees is no easy feat. Today's employees are experiencing more change than ever before, and issues like stress and burnout are on the rise. 

Harkn's continuous feedback channels equip you with the insights you need to improve employee engagement, proactively tackle wellbeing concerns, and create a more inclusive and supportive workplace.

Curious about live listening?

The first step is a no-obligation chat with our experienced team, so we can gain a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities shaping your organisation.

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"We have countless tools for the company to communicate with employees, but just one – Harkn – where employees can talk back safely.”

Ian Batty Enterprise Architect, St. James's Place Wealth Management

Create a thriving workplace culture

Harkn's live employee data turns HR strategy into impactful action that benefits both individuals and the bottom line. 

Attract & retain talent

Identify and address key causes of turnover and enhance employer brand with inclusion and wellbeing strategies.

Deliver on inclusion

Ensure all voices are heard equally and fairly with our anonymous feedback channels.

Empower managers

Equip managers with the insights they need to identify areas for improvement and optimise the wellbeing and success of their teams.

Communicate at scale

Use our live, open communication channels to improve shared awareness and alignment towards key business goals.

Improve wellbeing

Tackle emerging wellbeing issues early to prevent crises at the individual and organisational level.

Boost engagement

Monitor real-time employee sentiment and morale to inform HR strategy and improve engagement and performance.

Where do I start with live listening?
The Big Listen

Where do I start with live listening?

The Big Listen makes it quick and easy for your business to take the first step towards better listening. 

The 90-day deep listening initiative lets you hear everything that matters to your people and harness the collective intelligence of your workforce. 

If you're currently navigating transformational change or want to make meaningful progress with workplace culture, this is a great place to start. 

What will your organisation achieve in three months of live listening with Harkn? 

The Big Listen

See Harkn in action

It's hard to understand the full scope of Harkn's capabilities until you see it in action. We'd be happy to show you around on a live platform demo.

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"Harkn creates a safe space for colleagues to share their experiences, inside and outside of the workplace, each day. This enables more honest and open conversations around topics such as Mental Health and creates a community to support and help one another, even in a hybrid environment.” 

Charlotte Parkin Business Manager, Schroders Personal Wealth

Complete your listening toolkit
The Harkn difference

Complete your listening toolkit

Whether you're using traditional engagement surveys, pulse surveys, or internal social networks to hear from your people, Harkn brings unique depth and nuance to your listening toolkit. 

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Further insights

Our take on the biggest challenges and opportunities shaping today's workplace.

Who else does Harkn support?

Harkn is designed to improve work for everyone in your organisation, from the executive team to frontline employees. 


Empowering executives to make faster, better-informed decisions through live employee insights.


Team managers

Harness live employee listening to lead with clarity and confidence.



Have your say and help shape organisational success.