The platform for workplace connection, inclusion, and voice.

Where listening is just the beginning.

Harkn is for organisations that value the voices of all of their employees.

Our platform makes it safe and easy for your people to speak more freely and helps you build the relationships and trust your company needs to succeed.

Listening to your people is key to building a positive and productive environment where everyone feels connected, valued, and engaged.

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Hear more of what matters

Hear more of what matters

Harkn provides a safe environment where everyone has a voice. This means that people share things they otherwise wouldn’t, giving you valuable insights into your people and their experiences at work.

See issues sooner

See issues sooner

Harkn continuously monitors data for changes in patterns that suggest risk or concern, providing early warning signs on employees’ wellbeing. Dashboards and live commentary will help you see wider concerns and trends within your teams.

Build engagement and trust

Build engagement and trust

Traditional employee voice solutions (surveys) can make your people feel like their voice is not heard. Harkn helps you engage directly with one another, demonstrate listening, and build trust.

How it works

Harkn uses a simple and anonymous check-in routine to give everyone a voice and a safe way to use it, encouraging more of your people to speak freely about the things that matter to them.

Easy and Quick Check-in Routine

Easy and Quick Check-in Routine

  • Our daily check-in is simple, intuitive, takes seconds, and provides remarkable insight.
  • Harkn translates ratings into normalised expressions of the quality of people's days and displays them live (aggregated) in one of our many live dashboards.
  • Harkn also checks every rating for signs of decline or distress in individuals using a series of algorithms, creating an alert and a data package in our Wellbeing Centre where needed.
  • Freeform comments go to The Wall.
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Live Ongoing Dialogue with Employees

Live Ongoing Dialogue with Employees

  • The Wall provides continuous insight into all aspects of day-to-day life in your company.
  • Protected by anonymity, people share their feedback, opinions, ideas, and experiences much more freely than they otherwise might.
  • It's fully interactive, enabling people at all levels of your organisation to highlight important matters, suggest actions, flag concerns about colleagues, and discuss critical issues.
  • Engage live with your people to let them know their voices have been heard.
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Safe, Anonymous, Honest.

Safe, Anonymous, Honest.

  • Harkn uses anonymity to create the psychological safety required for employees to be open and share more.
  • Safety also results in people sharing critical information sooner, which helps your management to see issues before they become crises, and helps you protect your people from avoidable risks, like burnout. 
  • Post live questions on The Wall, or set up an anonymous focus group in our Team Rooms to get to the heart of sensitive issues facing your business.

The Harkn Platform

There are many ways that real-time employee voice can benefit your business. That's why we've packaged our features into bundles to make it easier for you to pick the ones you need. 


The essential set of tools for introducing real-time employee voice. Designed to make it safe and easy for your people to share their opinions, feedback, ideas, and issues, Harkn Voice allows you to hear what matters to your people.

  • Daily check-in
  • The Wall
  • Pulse surveys
  • Ad-hoc surveys
  • Dashboard insights
  • Personal Tracker
  • Journaling Tool
  • Toolkit
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It's hard for people to admit that they're struggling, so often, they'll wait until they're in crisis before seeking help. Harkn Lookout helps you spot potential problems sooner, giving you more opportunities to avert crises in individuals and teams.

  • Voice plus the following:
  • Automatic Wellbeing Alerts (algorithm-based)
  • Manual Alerts (Flags)
  • Wellbeing Centre (case management tool)
    • Case assignment
    • Case chat
    • Risk evaluation
    • Anonymous messaging
    • Case linking & history
  • Raise my hand
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Real-time employee voice provides ongoing feedback and ideas to help continuously improve your business. Harkn Innovate helps you turn ideas and feedback into meaningful change and allows you to monitor the impact.

  • Voice plus the following:
  • Acton Centre
    • Action flags
    • Action log
    • Private messaging
    • Case management
  • Experiment Tracking
  • Events Tracking
  • Team Rooms
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More useful than snapshot viewpoints from one-off surveys, Harkn Insights' sophisticated reporting tools allow you to delve deeper and gain a broader perspective of life at work.

  • Voice plus the following:
  • Reporting features
  • Comparison tools
  • #Tagging feature
  • Hot topics
  • Export functions
  • Events / Experiments
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Harkn for everyone

Leadership Teams

  • Hear from your people first-hand
  • Live morale and motivation insights
  • Engage directly with your people
  • Understand how your decisions land

HR Teams

  • Live engagement data
  • Promote inclusion and equal voice
  • Smart wellbeing monitoring
  • Build psychological safety


  • Live and continuous motivation data
  • Ongoing wellbeing assurance
  • Stay connected with your team
  • Share your views safely

Team members

  • Stay connected with colleagues
  • Share your feedback safely
  • Support colleagues
  • Personal mood tracker
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"Harkn allows the leadership team and me to hear, in real-time, how our staff are feeling. Having this cultural barometer is essential for all businesses where the people define the business success."

Mark Duckworth CEO, Schroders Personal Wealth

The Wall provides continuous insight into all aspects of day-to-day life in your company.
Feature focus

The Wall provides continuous insight into all aspects of day-to-day life in your company.

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Hearing more of what matters

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