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For employees

Have your say and help shape your organisation's future.


Nothing good happens in a business without its people. 

Employees are the ones who deal with customers and suppliers every day. They're the ones who know what needs to change to unlock business success. 

Unfortunately, many employees – particularly in large organisations – feel unheard and undervalued at work.  This breeds disengagement, distrust, and low productivity.  

When everyone has a voice and employees can see the impact of their feedback, you foster an inclusive, collaborative, and high-performing workforce.  

Harkn champions every voice in your organisation, with tools that allow you to share their perspectives in real time and with the safety of anonymity.

Curious about live listening?

The first step is a no-obligation chat with our experienced team, so we can gain a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities shaping your organisation.

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"With Harkn, it's about what's being said – not who said it.” 

Sarah-Jane Russell Business Operations & Finance, Intellect Design Arena

Make your voice heard

Have your say anonymously and in real time using our open dialogue channels. 

Build connections

Forge meaningful connections across different teams and divisions by engaging in deep, anonymous conversations with colleagues.

Improve your wellbeing

Voice how you're feeling and why you're feeling that way with the Daily Check-in and use our journalling tools to make sense of your emotions.

Support colleagues

Help colleagues make sense of complexity and uncertainty and reach out to those who are struggling, all in the privacy of anonymity.

Influence decision-making

Make your ideas and concerns heard at every business level, helping to inform strategy and decision-making.

Spark change

Shape a better culture in your organisation by starting important conversations around topics that matter to you and your colleagues.

Increase understanding

Multi-directional dialogue facilitates collaboration and shared awareness, improving understanding and alignment in a way surveys can't.

Where do I start with live listening?
The Big Listen

Where do I start with live listening?

The Big Listen makes it quick and easy for your business to take the first step towards better listening. 

The 90-day deep listening initiative lets you hear everything that matters to your people and harness the collective intelligence of your workforce. 

If you're currently navigating transformational change or want to make meaningful progress with workplace culture, this is a great place to start. 

What will your organisation achieve in three months of live listening with Harkn? 

The Big Listen

"Harkn gives everyone a space to vent, chat, develop ideas, and support and encourage one another. Discussion might be about anything from difficult team dynamics, technology problems, or first date jitters. For me personally, it's a way of chatting to others across the team and business, which isn't otherwise easy for me as I have quite a standalone role.”

Danielle Walker Senior Manager, St. James's Place Wealth Management

See Harkn in action

It's hard to understand the full scope of Harkn's capabilities until you see it in action. We'd be happy to show you around on a live platform demo.

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Complete your listening toolkit
The Harkn difference

Complete your listening toolkit

Whether you're using traditional engagement surveys, pulse surveys, or internal social networks to hear from your people, Harkn brings unique depth and nuance to your listening toolkit. 

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Further insights

Our take on the biggest challenges and opportunities shaping today's workplace.

Who else does Harkn support?

Harkn is designed to improve work for everyone in your organisation, from the executive team to frontline employees. 


Empowering executives to make faster, better-informed decisions through live employee insights.


Human resources

Guiding HR strategy and shaping culture with continuous employee insights.


Team managers

Harness live employee listening to lead with clarity and confidence.