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Unlock real-time employee voice to become a more agile, resilient, and inclusive workplace.

How Harkn's live insights support leadership and employees.

"Harkn allows the leadership team and myself to hear, in real-time, how our staff are feeling alongside the specific factors driving this. This cultural barometer is essential for all businesses where the people define the business success."

Mark Duckworth CEO, Schroders Personal Wealth

"I've learned that the more senior I became, the harder it was to get unfiltered feedback from the team. Harkn takes my leadership team and me directly to the front line of our business, allowing us to hear first-hand how our people are, in terms of morale and wellbeing."

Ian MacKenzie Chief Operations & Technology Officer, St. James's Place Wealth Management plc

Informed, data-driven leadership

Recruit & retain the best

Recruit & retain the best

Don’t wait for an exit interview or engagement survey to hear feedback. Understand exactly how your people are feeling as they’re feeling it, so you can take timely action.

Drive better performance

Drive better performance

Many obstacles can hamper productivity, but we often don’t hear about them in time. Maximise the full potential of your workforce with rapid insights from the frontline.

Improve collective wellbeing

Improve collective wellbeing

Transition to a proactive approach to wellbeing. The Good Day Ratio gives you a live metric of organisational health, while wellbeing algorithms identify struggling individuals.

How it works

Safe. Honest. Inclusive.

For employee voice to be effective, you need psychological safety.
Every Harkn interaction is completely anonymous, so more voices join the conversation and you get an honest picture of life in your organisation.

Daily Check-In

Daily Check-In

Two-step check-in routine 

  • Numerical rating & freeform narrative 
  • Always anonymous 
  • Flags signs of distress in individuals 
  • Ratings normalised into Good Day Ratio 
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The Wall

The Wall

Continuous, anonymous dialogue across your organisation 

  • Fully interactive and visible to all 
  • Builds trust & connection 
  • Fosters shared understanding 
  • Encourages live sensemaking
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Good Day Ratio

Good Day Ratio

Ratio of good to bad days amongst your people 

  • Live insight into organisational health
  • Identify trends and patterns
  • Increase capacity for timely action
  • Monitor reaction to isolated events
Team Rooms

Team Rooms

Asynchronous, anonymous focus groups 

  • Improve collective sensemaking 
  • Innovation and creativity thrive 
  • Teamwork becomes more inclusive 
  • Deeper, more meaningful analysis 
Wellbeing Centre

Wellbeing Centre

Assess and support struggling individuals 

  • Driven by data 
  • Directs support where it's needed 
  • Facilitates early intervention 
  • Protects the identity of individuals 

Harkn is a game-changer for culture

Boost the potential of your workforce to deliver on your organisational goals. 

Build relationships

Build relationships

We’re asking more and more of people at work, but rising disengagement levels are causing reluctance and resistance. True engagement comes from strengthening your relationships with your employees.

Ensure safety

Ensure safety

Employee voice is stifled without psychological safety. Only when you provide safe, completely anonymous avenues for feedback will you get an honest picture of reality.

Foster inclusion

Foster inclusion

Deeply embedded barriers like fear and unconscious bias keep many on the sidelines of your organisation. Harkn’s completely anonymous, yet transparent approach gives everyone the opportunity to contribute.

Empower voices

Empower voices

Empower every single voice in your organisation to speak up, contribute ideas and participate in collective sensemaking. When you hear these contributions in real time, you’re able to act in a timely and informed manner.

Encourage sensemaking

Encourage sensemaking

Live, anonymous conversation tools encourage continuous sensemaking amongst your workforce. This builds resilience during periods of significant change, fosters shared understanding, and boosts innovation.

Improve wellbeing

Improve wellbeing

Embed wellbeing in culture to keep your people healthy and productive. Our data-driven approach flags potential issues before they escalate, providing individuals with anonymous avenues for support.

Who is Harkn for?


  • Escape the executive echo chamber
  • Engage directly with the frontline
  • Understand real-time reaction to developments
  • Make timely, well-informed decisions

HR & wellbeing teams

  • Measure sentiment in real time
  • Ensure psychological safety
  • Improve engagement
  • Support struggling individuals

Line managers

  • Make better-informed decisions
  • Stay connected with your team
  • Share your concerns safely
  • Understand motivators and detractors

Team members

  • Make your voice heard
  • Contribute to decision-making
  • Gain deeper insights and understanding
  • Support your peers
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