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Harkn Round Up - July 2021

July 21, 2021   ·  

We're covering a lot of ground this month.

We have two new upcoming webinars to announce; an article on Psychological Safety from David Bellamy; a thought-provoking article from our resident content producer Marjan Venema, about the importance of finding balance in what you listen to as a leader; a brilliant piece from Adam Grant discussing the space between flourishing and depression (somewhere that many of us may have occupied at some point over the past 12 months).  Plus, there's a guest appearance for our founder, David, on the Focus & Freedom podcast where he explains why employee happiness is the gauge rather than the goal.

And if all that's not enough, we've also included a short video from Bruce Daisley discussing the importance of getting workplace culture right for people returning to the office.

From Employee Silence to Employee Voice - Psychological Safety at Work

The benefits of unmuting employees are huge. No matter how hard we try, psychological safety is difficult to realise and possibly even harder to sustain... but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try, and technology can help (used in the right way). Read more...

Monitoring Employee Wellbeing

Monitoring Employee Wellbeing

Fri 30th July 2021 08:00 PM - 09:00 PM BST

How do you feel about tools that help you monitor employee wellbeing? Would it give you peace of mind to know that the company care enough? Join us on Friday 30th July at 8am (BST) to find out how we monitor employee wellbeing whilst maintaining complete user anonymity, and share your views on the subject of employee wellbeing in this interactive session. Book Now

Harkn Live Product Demo

Harkn Live Product Demo

Thu 19th Aug 2021 16:00 PM - 17:00 PM BST

Join this webinar as we reveal the latest updates in Harkn. We'll share what makes Harkn such a great tool for monitoring employee wellbeing, taking action to improve work for everyone, and viewing the latest insights available via our new dashboard. Join us on Thursday 19th August at 4pm (BST). Book Now

Why You Want to Hear the Positive, Without Silencing the Negative
Why would you listen to and talk about the bad, the difficulties, the struggles, the frustrations, the fears? Why do that when it’s so much more agreeable and fun to listen to and talk about the good stuff, the triumphs, the windfalls, the inspiring?  Like most things, it’s all about balance.  It's about acknowledging the good and the bad, the achievement and the effort. Read more...

Focus & Freedom Podcast - Employee Happiness is the Gauge

Focus & Freedom Podcast - Employee Happiness is the Gauge

David recently appeared as a guest on the Focus & Freedom podcast hosted by Val Low; as the title suggests, he discussed why companies should see happiness as a gauge rather than a goal and the importance of listening at scale. Listen here...

That lockdown blah you're feeling? It's called languishing. Here's how to beat it.

That lockdown blah you're feeling? It's called languishing. Here's how to beat it.

Languishing is the neglected middle child of mental health. It’s the void between depression and flourishing – the absence of wellbeing. You don’t have symptoms of mental illness, but you’re not the picture of mental health either. Languishing dulls your motivation, disrupts your ability to focus and triples the odds that you’ll cut back on work. Read more...

Bruce Daisley discusses the importance of rebuilding work culture following the pandemic and how to help people back into the office. 

New in June 2021

New in June 2021

June has largely been about preparing for some bigger changes ahead, but we've still managed to update a few key features and brought back an old friend to The Wall. See the updates here.

Employee wellbeing is increasingly the focus of senior leadership teams. Progressive organisations aim to create a work culture - and experience - that allows employees to flourish personally and for the benefit of the business, and listening is an essential component of an effective culture.

Behaviours need to be integrated into daily routines to normalise them. If seeking feedback from your employees is something formal that happens only periodically, it will never become part of the organisational culture. In other words, if we really want to know how our people are, what they're dealing with, and what it's really like to work inside our companies, we have to ask often.  

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