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What’s new in Harkn – January 2023

February 02, 2023   ·  

January saw some exciting product upgrades and enhancements. Most notably, a significant upgrade to our Team Rooms feature. Team Rooms were initially released in October 2022 to explore themes or important topics in a more private setting (think anonymous focus group). This upgrade improves the user experience associated, making them easier to set up and invite colleagues; plus, it shows all topics being discussed in Team Rooms and enables others to join discussions where they have something to contribute. 

Think of all the topics you might want to get feedback from your employees on; well, Teams Rooms enables that without a survey in sight – and because it’s dialogue, there’ll be no more guessing what people mean by their one-time response – you can explore any number of important topics in full with your people.

Alongside Team Rooms, we’ve enhanced the escalatory path for cases in the Wellbeing Centre, introduced new trend data, and improved the single-page views of our pulse surveys (not that we use them much these days).

Here’s the complete list of updates this month.


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