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How to get ahead and stay ahead of burnout

May 27, 2022   ·  

You may have heard that we're in the middle of a burnout epidemic.  We know that companies are spending more and more money on treatment for those in crisis and wellness solutions (typically self-care tools for increasing individuals’ resilience and coping mechanisms), but these approaches are not solving the problem.

To solve burnout (and its associated symptoms of cynicism and disengagement), we need to look at the problem differently, and we need to listen differently to what our people are telling us.  

In this webinar we’ll explore the systemic causes of burnout (how to spot and respond to them), alongside some of the challenges with identifying burnout and the barriers companies will face.  We’ll also cover our approach, including how we use technology to monitor employee wellbeing, overcome reluctance to speak up with high levels of psychological safety, and how we help our clients foster a community-based approach to wellbeing. 

Join us on 7th June for our “Getting ahead of burnout” webinar as we explore this critical challenge.

Katie Range
Katie Range

Marketing Manager

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