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Harkn's Spring 2024 updates

June 13, 2024   ·  

Our mission to create listening organisations where every employee thrives is a journey of constant evaluation, iteration, and improvement.  

As more and more businesses use Harkn to hear from their people in real time, we use their experiences and feedback to optimise our platform. 

Here’s some of the updates we’ve made recently to improve user experience and supercharge results from employee listening with Harkn. 


Updates to the Reporting dashboard  

In the Reporting section of Harkn, we’ve added a new chart that allows you to track your organisation’s Good Day Ratio (GDR) over a longer period of time. 

You can now assess the metric over periods up to six months, enabling you to see a much clearer trend line for employee sentiment and morale.  

This helps with analysing response to company developments and other events in the employee lifecycle.  

Each data point represents the rolling 30-day period, in line with how GDR is calculated.  


Updates to The Wall  

We’ve made a couple of improvements to the Wall to optimise clarity, transparency, and aide productive dialogue.  

The Wall is our live feed of comments and feedback submitted by employees as part of the Daily Check-In and provides the basis for the rich tapestry of dialogue that contributes to healthy sensemaking throughout the organisation. 


Pinning announcements or live questions   

Dialogue on The Wall in Harkn

Admins can pin their announcements or live questions to the top of the wall for a specified time. 

You might use this feature to ensure important company announcements or upcoming events are seen by everyone. Or you might ask an open-ended question and pin it to start a discussion about topics you want to gain a deeper understanding of.  

This enhancement ensures more people see and engage with specific posts. For instance, one of our client champions recently used this feature to advertise events their organisation was holding to mark National Stress Awareness Week.  


Keeping track of conversations  

Anonymised conversation is one of the biggest appeals of Harkn – it provides unparalleled psychological safety and ensures everyone gets a voice on an equal footing.  

While comments remain completely anonymous (and without avatars or profiles), we’ve added the word [author] alongside any subsequent replies or comments made by the originator of the thread. 

This makes longer threads of conversation easier to follow and avoids confusion.  




Harkn users have always been able to adjust their rating and comment throughout the day to reflect changes to their experience and mood.  

We’ve now made that even easier with an ‘update’ link accessible directly from The Wall. When comments are updated, they’ll now appear with the word [update] alongside to show where original comments have changed.   


Use Team Rooms to expand on survey responses 

Team Rooms are our anonymous, asynchronous focus groups which allow for deeper exploration of specific topics.  

We know survey questions (particularly those based on Likert scales) only provide indicators of employee sentiment, and it can be hard to get more detail. Follow up focus groups often lose the anonymity that encouraged people to speak up in the first place, reducing the quality of dialogue.

Our latest update to Team Rooms means you can create an anonymous focus group directly from a survey question, and automatically invite all respondents to participate in a conversation about the subject and topics raised in their responses.  

This allows for deeper exploration of topics and collective sensemaking without compromising psychological safety at any stage.   


Announcing The Big Listen: 90 days of live listening 

If you’re not already using Harkn, we’re currently offering a unique opportunity to experience live and continuous employee listening for 90 days. 

The Big Listen is a three-month deep listening initiative that helps you hear more of what matters to your people and gain a clearer picture of reality inside your company.  

A growing number of organisations are beginning to question the effectiveness of periodic surveys, particularly in periods of significant change or uncertainty. If your company is one of them, but you’re wondering where or how to start, this is your chance to experience a revolutionary way of listening to your people.    

Find out more about The Big Listen.  

Lydia Blundell
Lydia Blundell

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