Build a culture of innovation

Innovation is about finding solutions to real-life problems, and our workplaces are full of real-life problems to be solved.  Comments shared daily represent an endless source of ideas and opportunities to improve your workplace, and our Action Centre helps you put them to work.

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Innovation culture
  • Empowerment drives change, the best kind of change always comes from within
  • Improve dignity, respect, civility and kindness through awareness
  • Foster ownership for performance and continuous improvement
Pulse surveys

Pulse surveys

High frequency low intensity pulse surveys provide key engagement insights and trends in your business. Compare teams, populations, to spot variation and view your own progress over time.

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The Wall

The Wall

A safe space that gives employees a platform to share even the most difficult or personal things. Sharing their thoughts, feelings and experiences, establishes shared awareness of personal context and collective responsibility for culture and behaviour.

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Shape your culture

Shape your culture

Ongoing narrative, transparent information and interactive features gives your people the chance to shape culture and understand the impact they each have on it.

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Customer stories

"I think it helped bring to light important issues that might not otherwise have been addressed. It's an opportunity to build our culture up, celebrate our progress, and support each other."

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More ways to use Harkn

Employee experience

Employee experience

The entirety of our experience at work influences our performance, behaviour and engagement. Harkn can show you day-to-day experiences in a way no other platform can.

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Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion

A culture of inclusivity is important - but how do you know if your culture is inclusive or not? Do your people experience culture in a consistent way across your organisation?

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Some of the features that come as standard with Harkn...

The Wall

Our interactive Wall provides an ongoing narrative of people's experiences, their highs and lows, successes and concerns.

Permission controls

Set permissions to an individual level determing exactly which information is visible to different people in your business. Use transparency responsibly.

Add your own logo

Add your company logo to make Harkn feel a little more like your company.

My tracker

Keep track of your own comments and ratings. Edit comments, move them from public to private, see your high points and low points and how your experience compares.

Controllable schedules

Decide when you send the daily nudge to your people. Mix it up or run it at the same time every day. Time it to fit in with key events or meeting with your team.

Resource toolkit

An ever evolving library of resources shares ideas and thought leadership on happiness at work and culture, along with specific guides for using Harkn in your business.

My reflections

An entirely private journaling tool for anyone using reflective practise. An editable file for tracking experiences that matter along with your rating on that day.

Configurable hierarchy

Mirror your organisational structure with our easily configurable team structure that shows your business as you design it.

Customisable demographics

Choose the demographic filters for your population to maximise your understanding of the factors influencing wellbeing, happiness and experience in your company.

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