Turning employee voice into collective action


Turning employee voice into collective action

Continuous listening with Harkn generates endless ideas and opportunities to improve your business, making employee-led changes. With our Events and Experiments modules, you can monitor the impact in real time.

Innovation Pipeline

Innovation Pipeline

Daily comments and observations from your employees provide a clear sense of what people do and don't like, what's working and what's not, and help you build a picture of what changes are needed and where you might improve.

Live and continuous employee voice allows you to build an accurate picture of your workplace far more effectively than any one-off survey, as input is monitored consistently over a period of time.

Pulse Surveys

Pulse Surveys

High frequency, low intensity pulse surveys can help you gain specific insights to better understand the impact of key moments or events on your workforce population.

Surveys can help you identify trends and see how progress (and opinions) evolve over time.

You can also compare teams and specific groups to spot variations and establish clear patterns that will allow you to make appropriate changes within your organisation.



Whatever your goals, Harkn Innovate can help you monitor your progress and achievements.

If you haven’t yet identified clear goals to work towards, the valuable information you gain from Harkn’s reporting and analytics will steer you towards topics, trends and issues that emerge as important to your employees. You can then track your progress and understand where changes can be introduced to best effect.

Specific tools such as Action Flags and the Action Log help employees alert you to ideas and opportunities to improve your workplace.


"Harkn has helped me identify topics within the team that perhaps some team members aren't so happy about, which I can then address. It's also great to see the things that are going well and what the team feel happy and motivated about."

Charlotte Taylor Senior Manager, St. James's Place Wealth Management

Harkn Innovate Overview

Getting more innovation

Harkn Innovate includes the Harkn Voice features plus tools that support innovation and continuous improvement, including the Action Centre, Experiments, and Events Tracking features.

Spot Surveys

Periodic or spot surveys can help you delve deeper into the topics you’re most interested in. Choose or create your questions then select you audience and timeframe.

Constant Feedback

Compare feedback over time and discover similarities and variations between populations within your business, all in real-time.


An ongoing narrative gained from people being able to speak openly about topics that matter to them will provide you with a reliable source of inspiration for positive change.