Hear more of what matters to your people

Hear more of what matters to your people

Engagement is a relationship-building process. 

With real-time feedback and anonymised conversation capabilities, Harkn transforms workplaces by supporting the development of authentic connection and inclusion and helps you build a culture where employee well-being and performance thrive.

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Real-time employee voice in action

Continuous dialogue

Continuous dialogue

Harkn's unique anonymous conversational tools encourage your people to share their feedback, opinions, ideas, and experiences much more freely than they otherwise might.

And because it's fully interactive, it offers a continuous dialogue between people at all levels of your organisation. This surfaces issues, improves sensemaking, and builds connection and trust. 


"Harkn provides a safe environment where everyone has a voice. This allows people to share real feelings, emotions and stories, feeling secure that it is fully anonymous from everyone at our company; from my experience, this has meant people are more comfortable opening up and sharing with one another."

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Daily check-in

Daily check-in

Our daily check-in is simple, intuitive, takes seconds, and provides remarkable insight. We ask two questions:

1. How do you feel today? (0-100)
2. Why? (Freeform)

Harkn translates ratings into normalised expressions of the quality of people's days, giving your managers live insight into mood, morale and team motivation.

Harkn also checks every rating for signs of decline or distress in individuals using a series of algorithms, creating an alert in our Wellbeing Centre where required (see Harkn Lookout for more).

Freeform comments go to The Wall.

Survey tools

Survey tools

Real-time employee voice doesn't mean abandoning periodic surveys entirely. 

Harkn includes Pulse and Ad-hoc survey tools to help you understand the things that matter most within your organisation.

With our pulse survey tool, you can conduct low-intensity, high-frequency surveys to help you monitor your progress on key issues over time. Ad-hoc surveys allow you to create one-off or targeted surveys to go deeper into specific topics.

Harkn Voice Summary


Harkn Voice provides the essential tools that will help you really listen to what your people are saying about their workplace experience.


Understand how your employees really feel about work and what it’s like to be part of your organisation knowing they are able to speak honestly and without fear of repercussions.


Harkn develops a real sense of community among your people. The Wall allows for live interaction, keeping your people connected, and able to discuss important topics and support one another.


Sharing difficult experiences is much easier on Harkn. The interactive nature of The Wall encourages people to support one another, and that builds trust, community, and engagement.

Equal voice

Harkn's approach to anonymity protects everyone and allows even the quietest voices to be heard. Interaction without status, without profiles or avatars, gives everyone in your firm an equal voice.


Our simple daily check-in is all that’s needed to provide reliable, live employee morale, motivation and wellbeing insights.