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January 21, 2021   ·  

The what and why of journaling...

Just open any given site that publishes articles on personal growth, and you will find at least one article that says: Why Keeping A Journal Will Change Your Life. A journal is truly one of the best self-improvement toolst here is.

Journaling generally involves the practice of keeping a diary or journal that explores thoughts and feelings surrounding the events of your life. There are several different ways to do this. Journaling, as a stress management and self-exploration tool, works best when done consistently, but even occasional, sporadic journaling can be stress relieving when the practice is focused on gratitude or emotional processing.

Keeping a journal is associated with many positive outcomes.

By regularly recording your thoughts you will gain insights into your behaviours and moods.

Journaling is about perspective and clarity on life’s challenges.

You can’t know how to get where you’re going if you don’t know where you are.

With 8 new journaling styles available (plus the original 'free-form')there's plenty of choice - try them out and find which work for you.

Success Log
Begin by writing the big successes you remember, then repeat regularly with the smaller successes that occur throughout the week. The more you pay attention the more you’ll find.

My Life Right Now
Describe your current situation. Your living situation, your work,your relationships. Are you where you want to be?

Nature Diary
Connect with the natural world by recording the things you notice about the beautiful world we live in.
Capture the things you noticeabout the sky, the weather, the seasons... everything you see when you’re outside in it.

Stream of Consciousness
Set a time limit (5-10mins) and just write whatever comes to mind. Don’t edit your thoughts or feelings and don’t correct your grammar. Don’t censor your thoughts.

Problem Solving
If there’s something troubling or worrying you, write about it in the third person. Write about an important upcoming meeting by viewing it from the other person’s position. This will give you distance and perspective.

Cultivate an attitude of gratitude by making a daily list of the things you appreciate, you’re grateful for, or that have inspired you. Whenever you feel down, go back and read it for a boost of happiness and gratitude.

Unsent letter
Writing a journal entry as an unsent letter to someone else – real or imaginary – can help you channel your thoughts to a specific audience, and can help make your writing feel more like a dialogue.

3 Good Things
This simple daily reflection routine can really help you build are salient and positive mindset. Just capture 3 good things that happened today.

No structure. Just write.

How to journal on Harkn... (it's pretty easy btw)

You might not know this but Harkn has always had a journaling tool included in it. It's called Reflections.

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