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June 2021 Updates

June 08, 2021   ·  

June has largely been about preparing for some large changes ahead - what we're calling Harkn 3.0.

There are, however, a few updates of note that have taken place:

Firstly, the ❤️ (love) reaction is back. We removed it at the end of 2019 as part of a series of updates, thinking it wasn't something we needed at work. we've realised that sometimes 👍 (like) doesn't quite cut it and there are some things that just need to be shown some love!

Secondly, we've made a couple of language changes regarding the interpretation of ratings. Changing Average Day to Okay Day and changing Really Good Day to Great Day. This means that experiences are translated into Really Bad, Bad, Okay, Good and Great.

Thirdly, in the reporting section we've introduced two new updates to the Wall:

Finally, we've also made a couple of small changes to the Wellbeing Centre:

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David Bellamy
David Bellamy

Founder and CEO, Connect with David on LinkedIn

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