Anxiety in the workplace

March 25, 2022   ·  

There are many different reasons why stress in the workplace can occur. The first step is to identify what actually causes workplace stress and then figure out what you can do about it.

Of course, everyone is different and that means that individual employees will find different situations less or stressful than others. Stress management in the workplace is about reducing common triggers and making life calmer and more harmonious for your employees during their time at work. 

Workplace anxiety can be triggered by many different elements:

- Having to deal with workplace bullying or conflicts
- Meeting deadlines
- Maintaining relationships with coworkers, social engagement
- Managing staff
- Working long hours
- Having a demanding boss, micro management
- Experiencing a workload that is overly high
- Having a lack of direction on tasks
- Experiencing a lack of fairness
- Feeling a lack of control over the work environment

By using Harkn within your workplace, it helps you to listen to your people, giving everyone inside your firm a voice and a safe space to share their experiences.

See wellbeing issues sooner amongst your employees and understand what is going on.

Katie Range
Katie Range

Marketing Manager


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