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November 01, 2014   ·  

So we have just been through October, the most boring month of the year as far I am concerned. Work is quiet, no bike events as we tend to rest a bit at this time of the year, and it’s very quiet on the western front (this is actually a movie worth watching on Netflix, it’s a based on the last few days of the First World War but from the German points of view). 


I am not sure if many of you have read my personal blog about the appeninica bike race and the family community it brings to us but this month has just proven this. I like to think I am an approachable person, I talk to anyone and avoid being judgemental on others as I don’t like it being done to me. I also consider myself an extrovert and I think most people who knows me would agree. So as a result of this, I am very lucky to make new friends wherever I go. Since the Appenninica I have kept in touch with people from all corner of the world …


Enters Bashier! Bash is an Australian resident with an Israeli back ground. He is a well travelled, well educated man who has worked all of his adult life and is now in a fortunate position to be able to go riding his bike all around the world. He has raced his bike in the Himalayas, Australia, New Zealand and obviously Europe now. We met on the evening of the Appenninica as we were staying in the same hotel. There is a funny story about that evening as he didn’t know what to order and i advised him on the pizza that I believed I had and was good. He ordered the same only to be served something totally different! Neither he or I spoke any sort of Italian and the Italian spoke no English so I think they just served us whatever they wanted!


Anyhow, back to my story, Bash is a seriously strong rider, all round good guy, helped me out with the bike on numerous occasion, we worked well together up the mountains and we just got on good. We kept in touch since then and we talked about riding together. Followed by a phone call where he invited me to go riding with him …


In Colorado …


So, here I am, on the end of the phone, saying I’d love to but wasn’t in a financial position to do so, but he insisted on it being an invitation and as long as I could get myself there, we would be fine. I couldn’t refuse! I will hopefully not let him down and hopefully help him to place high enough in the overall classifications. 


Talk about motivation for the winter …


This month I have also upped the training, well until last week when I contracted man flu or some nasty bug. But I rather be sick now than in august next year! We are aiming to increase my climbing speed by adding some more work at over threshold during my strength training. 



And we are also in movember now hence the facial hair in the picture, this is just to remind all the men out there to check themselves or go and see your doctor if you have any doubt in mind. 


Until next month, when I can share what will hopefully be a successful first round of the brass monkey series, I bid you all well! 

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Katie Range
Katie Range

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