We’re committed to supporting you during COVID-19

April 19, 2020   ·  
We're very proud of what we do at Harkn and know we have a positive part to play in helping companies and the people working in them to come through this difficult period in the best possible shape.

We've set aside our usual pricing structure to offer companies free use of a limited version of Harkn to help through this initial period of uncertainty, social distancing and all that comes with C-19 epidemic.

The limited version includes our two primary features - the daily check-in routine alongside The Wall to give you reliable insights about how people are feeling, what's going on for them and a safe social space to keep your team together - and a host of other features too.

More about this offer

For more details about this offer click below to download our information pack.

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David Bellamy
David Bellamy

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