Sponsorship spotlight: Its been a challenging month

March 04, 2022   ·  

We are sponsoring Jeremy Mahot throughout 2022 whilst he tackles his training and cycling tours. We've received an update on how he's getting on.

"February is known as being a difficult month in cycling training. It’s a non entity regarding races, you haven’t peaked for anything much, it’s a short month, and you are just trying to keep getting some interval training rides as well as some long endurance, whilst avoiding the bad weather and trying to keep healthy. There is a saying Winter miles equal Summer smiles. I’m grateful this is the final month of winter! 

It’s been a challenging month!

After a solid start clocking up an 80 odd mile endurance ride, in some rather atrocious wind, and some solid mtb or interval sessions, I started to feel the pinch at the end of 3 weeks training block. We tend to train hard for 3 weeks, increasing the load over that time, to have an easier 7 days, where we really taper down the training to minimal, allowing our body and brain to recover. This is how the bigger gains are made.

So, as I was starting to slow down on my training cycle, I organised a social ride on a rainy Sunday on Zwift (it’s a cycling app that we use to train, we can Bluetooth our turbo to the device emitting it, allowing us to reciprocate outside elements or hold certain wattage, as well as riding with other people in their own houses), I arranged with a young lad from Blewbury called Zak Corderoy. Little background on Zak, he is a Superstock 1000 rider competing in the Bennett’s British Superbike Championship. So he is very fit young athlete mostly made of testosterone and willingness to beast himself on a weekly basis. So, that social ride, which supposed to be executed as what I would have like to be called a stroll turned into a a full out war of attrition between 2 very sweaty guys, with elevated heart rates, in their own pain cave unwilling to let the other get the upper hand.

It was fun, Zak won the prize to the top of the mountain by 8 seconds, (we were doing the epic KOM with radio tower, for those of you that know) and I won the final sprint. Technically, I crossed the finish line in first place. Which is all that matters! (LOL) Great fun. Downside, was that I woke up that morning with a sore throat and a headache, and probably should have pulled out of what, in my heart, I knew would be a contest! This was the catalyst for the next 10 days of illness (man flu) and general being unwell.

But, we are well again and I am just about to embark on another 3 weeks block culminating in my participating on the 20th of March in the next round of short format Gorrick mtb races held at Frimley Green in Hampshire.

I will hopefully be sporting my new racing suit (another long story of let down on this one that I won’t bore you with) on my bike Eddie (it’s a Scott Scale 920 that will be sporting it’s new dropper post and gears after a bit of TLC)!"

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