Mahot makes a strong start at final round of season opener

February 03, 2022   ·  

This Sunday saw the final round of the 2022 Brass Monkeys Winter Enduros and Jeremy Mahot delivered solid results and kicked off the year with success.

The Brass Monkeys Winter Enduros is a three- round-series with each race lasting a maximum of 4 hours. The idea is to complete as many laps as you can within the timeframe.

The 40-year-old former jump jockey started the series in November at Porridgepot Hill, Surrey. He was pleased with the round finishing 12th overall. The field was strong and he held his ground well, although he felt he lacked a little sharpness toward the end of the race.

Onto Hungry Hill, Surrey in January and the Frenchman, who resides in Oxfordshire, was really pleased with his performance. After an unfortunate incident left him flying over the bars on lap one, he composed himself and finished just 3 seconds behind veteran leading lady rider, Jo Munden. This pushed Jeremy into the top 10 and meant he would be seeded for the final race.

Minley Manor, Surrey was the final stage in this exciting series. With his overall position looking good, Mahot’s aim was to keep his 10th position and not let any mistakes push him down the leaderboard. He had a really strong round and built on his confidence again, managing to reserve some energy for the final sprint. Despite two falls on the 4th lap, including one unfortunate encounter with a tree, Jeremy held on to his tenth position.

The Brass Monkeys Enduros was part of Jeremy’s training plan for 2022. So to finish with such strong results gives him real confidence for the competitions that lay ahead including the grueling seven-day stage race in Italy, Apeninica MTB.

Jeremy now prepares for March’s EVENTREX SouthernXC. An Olympic distance XC MTB race which forms part of the SouthernXC Series.

Jeremy Mahot:I’m really pleased with my performance throughout the series which proves that my training is going well and we’re improving as we are supposed to be. On the final round, It was great to have the legs after two and a half hours, to drive the train and make some other competitors suffer! Especially as at the start of the season I was the one at the back trying to hold on! Now I’m focussing on my training for a couple of months to build up my fitness for some exciting races, including the SouthernXC in March and the Torque 12 hours Pairs Race in May. I want to thank my sponsors, Darcica Logistics, Harkn and Lee Dickson Plastering for the support they have given me this season. Also the ongoing support from Sundried and Rawvelo. Comfort is essential when asking the body to perform for so many hours. It’s important to me that my body is fuelled the right way and Rawvelo products give me the power to ride at optimal performance throughout my training and races.”

We are really excited about the year ahead for Jeremy, supporting him throughout his cycling tour and we are thrilled to be sponsoring him.

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Katie Range
Katie Range

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