How to avoid loneliness when working from home

May 10, 2022   ·  

This week is mental health awareness week and we've shared 5 tips on how to include your remote workers to avoid the feeling of loneliness whilst working from home.


1.) Use video conferencing tools such as zoom and phone calls to communicate with your team

For those times when you need to brainstorm, discuss ideas, review workloads, or present your point of view your colleagues, jump onto a video or audio call to communicate.

2.) Schedule team-wide or company-wide virtual hangouts to allow employees to connect

Team leaders can use technology to build virtual hangouts so remote employees can feel more connected with their in-office teammates.

3.) Facilitate monthly or quarterly visits to headquarters or a common location.

Depending on how many remote employees work on each team or within the company, leaders should make an effort to bring remote employees into the office on a semi-regular basis. This is important for remote employees to build relationships.

4.) make remote workers feel included

When scheduling meetings, office based team members should always make sure to add a video conferencing link to the calendar event so remote attendees are prepared to join the meeting.

5.) Work at least one day per week outside of your home office.

Surrounding yourself with other people, even if you don't have direct communication, will help you feel less lonely and more connected to society. If you have a friend who also works remotely, bring them along with you so you can work together.


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Katie Range
Katie Range

Marketing Manager


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