5 good reasons to start tracking happiness

June 30, 2017   ·  
  1. People do everything better when they're happier 
  2. Happier workplaces enjoy higher productivity, more creativity, better results and lower absenteeism, sickness and stress 
  3. Happiness is a precursor to engagement  
  4. Most companies have no way of checking how people really feel on a day to day basis...  still relying on periodic surveys that provide little by way of actionable insights...
  5. ...and tracking happiness of people in your company is proven to be a good indicator of the overall culture of your business 

How are the people in your company feeling today? If you don't really know but you do care then perhaps we should speak...  

Happiness really does matter to the success of your business and Harkn can help you to understand how the people in your company really feel and to cultivate a happier, better workplace

David Bellamy
David Bellamy

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